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Once Upon a Fic Exchange
Fairy-tale story exchange!
Assignments are OUT! 
25th-Feb-2016 06:46 am
Mod Once Upon
Guess what! Assignments are out early!

If you're posting to your recipient, you can do so from your assignments tab in your ao3 dashboard but ALSO you can submit treats and stories for others directly from the collection page! Remember to put in your treat recipient's name if you do that. Not like I'm talking from personal experience or anything.


You need to write at least one fandom and character your person requested!

Respect the DO NOT WANTS!

Your assignment must be at least 1000 words! Treats are not subject to this rule.

If you know you cannot do your story, default as soon as you know so I can set up a pinch hitter.

Pinch hits will be posted diretly to the community with screened comments instead of the mailing list this year.



Important links:



Nomination Period: January 24th, Sunday to February 7th, Sunday 11:59pm - COMPLETE
Sign Ups: February 12th, Friday to February 21st, Sunday 11:59 pm - COMPLETE
Assignments: February 28th, Sunday - COMPLETE
Deadline: May 15th, 11:59 pm, Sunday - COMING
Archive Goes Live: May 20th, Friday
Anon Period Ends: May 25th, Wednesday


My email is, as always, jean at hamsterbandit dot com

This post @DW

-This early assignment post is dedicated to Morbane-
26th-Feb-2016 03:03 am (UTC)

Yes, so excited to get the email! And I love my assignment!
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